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PiQo4™ Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

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Initial consultation for Laser tattoo removal treatment.

All services must be rendered within 6 months from date of purchase.

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Regulations require a patient evaluation at our office prior to purchasing this product or service. We care about your skin and your safety in using these products and services. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to be evaluated, please contact us.

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Introducing PiQo4™ - The only system to combine 4-wavelengths of picosecond and nanosecond (Qswitch) laser power.

The most common tattoo colors are black and red.  For many colors (yellow, purple, etc.), the removal process is very difficult.   It is not only the removal of the ink, but whether a “reverse image” shadow (de-pigmented area) is left behind.   High-power, multi-color systems have the increased efficiency that is required to selectively remove the ink colors without damaging the bodies natural pigments. Even the difficult colors are removed. Furthermore, the inks are removed without “whitening” the skin.

The PiQo4 laser works by sending different wavelengths safely into the skin to target the tattoo at its core. The tattoo ink is broken into particles and eventually eliminated through the body's natural processes. The PiQo4 has high efficacy with greatly reduced intensity on the skin. This reduces the chance of blistering, discoloration, and scars that are seen with other devices. This treatment can penetrate deeper to reach deep embedded pigments and disperse ink particles better than any other device.

PiQo4's advanced technology features include:

  • Ideal Wavelengths for All the Most Popular Ink Colors
  • Deepest Skin Penetration
  • Variable Pulse Duration Capabilities
  • Largest Spot Size
  • Broadest Fluence for Best Results
  • Most Accurate Calibration

Additional Info

Additional Info

Treatment TypeLaser Tattoo Removal
Treatment Problem or ConditionTattoos
Skin TypeNo


Depending of the size and color of the tattoo numerous treatments are required typically between 6-10.




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